Makes using paper rollers a thing of the past

After the Pawsome Pet Rescue event, and discovering this product, I absolutely fell in love with the results. Makes using paper rollers a thing of the past. You guys are great!


Everyone should have at least one!


I have a few pets and their fur can get out of hand at times. My husband is allergic and the vacuum seems to spread the fur and dander in the air. I decided to try Pet Hair Go-Go on my couch and couldn’t believe how much fur came off.  I didn’t have to spray chemicals or cleaners, which makes my animals happy. The fur clings to the sponge making it less air borne, which makes my husband happy. It’s a win win for everyone.  This product is so convenient and easy, everyone should have at least one!


Love The Xfoliator!!!


Love The Xfoliator!!! Makes my skin smooth and helps with ingrown hair. The large size is perfect for a man’s hand.


Love the sponge!


Great product, does what it says love the sponge


The Pet Hair Go-Go worked better than anything I've ever tired!


We have two dogs and even though they aren't supposed to get on the couch, sometimes they do and it's SO hard to get all of the hair off. The Pet Hair Go-Go worked better than anything I've ever tired. I'll never be without one again:)

TonyBoy Curtis

No fuss. No chemicals needed.


There is a coffee pot at the office I work at. I looked inside of it one day and saw how black and grimy it had become from coffee residue. I was hesitant at first about using the scrub beads. I wasn’t sure if it would work. But I gave it a go and now the inside of the coffee pot is shinier than ever. It looks brand new. This product works great! Easy to use. No fuss. No chemicals needed. I love my scrub beads.

Beth Hamid

Invigorating cleanse over the whole body


This scrubber gave an invigorating cleanse over the whole body, when using on the face or other delicate areas I recommend less pressure. Both my husband and liked the results and felt this scrubber is a product we would continue to use.

Penny Weinberg

Nothing works like this!!


The pet hair a go go has saved me tons of money on pet hair removal products in just the 3 months that I've owned it.  Nothing works like this!!  I've used just about everything and nothing gives me the same results.  I have three different sponges that I use for different purposes... 1 for my carpeted steps, 1 for my couch and 1 for my clothes.  I love this product and is an absolute must for anyone with long haired pets!





Maria Sarlo

Fresh & Dry Shampoo Saves The Day!


Our dog hates to take a bath!  He hates the water!  He hates being dried off with a towel!  Its become a real chore but now that we have found Fresh & Dry Shampoo keeping our dog smelling nice and clean has been a dream.  We just sprinkle some on and rub him down a bit and he's good to go.  He doesn't mind it at all and we love the way it smells.


Love it!!!


The Xfoliator is fabulous! It is the best exfoliating product I have ever used. Your skin feels amazing after using it, so smooth. Also, one of the best things about it is it never gets smelly or moldy like loofahs, brushes and wash cloths. I’ve been using mine for months and it still looks brand new! All I do is rinse, squeeze out the water, and let it dry. Love it!!!

Shirley Fogel

A perfect product!!!


I tried the Xfoliator and it really works!!!! Used it on my arms and legs. It rinses clean and dries quickly. A perfect product!!!

Linda Weintraub

So easy to use and so easy to clean.


I love The Pet Hair Go-Go!   It's so easy to use and so easy to clean.   I keep an extra one in my car.


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